Augh! - I Need a new BBQ - Act 1 - Scene 1


She was my partner for many great meals. We shared good times with friends and family and she put up with never being cleaned (except for the grate).  

While putting away the outdoor furniture for the winter, I heard a loud crack and watched as she collapsed in a heap on the patio.  I had saved her twice before, but this was it - her time had come.

With no Wintercuing this season, I decided to use the time to research and learn about barbecues and barbecuing and to share my journey as I find a new patio partner.

I want to learn about the different kinds of bbq's such as gas, propane and briquets (they're making a comeback) as well as get some tips on how to bbq better.  I for the likes of me can't Q up a great steak - this is the year.  Also, feel free to jump in if you have any tips as we go along. Stay tuned...

Kevin Baril
Kevin Baril