About Us

I fondly remember the weekends as a kid where all our families would get together at my uncle's house for awesome outdoor barbecues.  The menu was usually t-bone steak and baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil with onions.  The adults would often hang out in the garage with the large door opened to the back alley. It wasn't unusual for the neighbours to come join, and it was always nice to connect and laugh.

Grilla Covers started out as an innovative way to brighten up the barbecue. Adding colour and graphics to an otherwise mundane but necessary item.  Our vision rapidly expanded with our brand partners such as the Canadian Football League, Hockey Canada, KISS, AC/DC, US Army, Simpsons and Hot Rod Magazine.  Iconic brands brought to life in your backyard to share with your friends and family.  

For over 10 years Grilla Covers has been creating cool stuff for your backyard.  We believe in creating innovative products that showcase quality as well as allow you to express your uniqueness. 

The FAQ page will be a growing resource to answer and common questions that you may have regarding our products.

If there is something that isn't answered, or if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact through the channels below.

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